The Movie

About the movie

Inti and the thief of legends is a Colombian 2D animated feature film currently in development (2017). Its target audience are preteenagers (9-12) and its film genre is adventure. Its estimated length: 80 minutes.

The story is based in South American indigenous mythology. It tells the adventures of Inti, an indigenous sorceress girl who must take her mom out of jail because she has been blamed for stealing the colors of her village, all colors have vanished and men have been turned into shadows! At the end, when she discovers the real thief, she will understand that colors depend on ancestral magical knowledge and old mythological legends.


Why we want make this movie?

This movie was born because his writer and director wants generate curiosity and love for the traditional stories of our South America indigenous people. Besides he wants present metaphor of no colors and shadows of the story to show how differences and self-identity are concepts that make us free, other way we would be as the group of shadows: all with no colors and with no ideas. The only in color is Inti because she preserves ancient knowledge, she is apprentices of sorceress and although everybody says she is weird, she is the only able to return colors, legends, variety and richness to the world.

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